Slider is a baseball movie about Parker Pierce, a high school baseball star for Ashford who must face the truth that his newly paroled brother is not who he grew up admiring.

Slider(2014)Comedy, Drama, Sport | 1h 30min | December 2014 (USA)6.4
Director:Patrick McCulloughWriters:Brett L. MarshallStars:Jack Falahee, Rachael Tice, Andrews LandsmanSummary: Parker (Jack Falahee) is a High School baseball star, who's older brother Lawrence is just returning home from jail. The story is a week in the life of Parker, chronicling his realization that Lawrence, his childhood hero, isn't the person he grew up admiring. The film is set in the backdrop of a small New England town, with the huge Pre-Prom baseball game approaching. Along the way Parker has to learn individuality, responsibility, and the true nature of loyalty.
Slider, the movie
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