Cooperstown Classic Baseballs
Cooperstown Classic pearls, ready for action

The 18th Annual Cooperstown Classic Baseball Tournament
June 19-20, 2021

Next summer’s Cooperstown Classic baseball tourney is Father’s Day Weekend of 2021, and will feature 9 teams, including:

  1. Singing Surgeons – Boston, MA
  2. Stinger Baseball – Buffalo, NY
  3. Crown City Benchwarmers – Cortland, NY
  4. Ben’s Dream White Sox – New York, NY
  5. Niagara Devils – Niagara Falls, NY
  6. East Providence Marlins – Providence, RI
  7. Rhode Island Cardinals – Providence, RI
  8. South Shore Sun Devils – Long Island, NY
  9. Charlotte Knights – Charlotte, NC

Inquire today to add your team to the 2021 Cooperstown Classic.

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